Best Online File Converters in 2018


It happens quite often that you have created a file in a particular format, but it is needed in a different version altogether. The problem can be in case of video, audio or text-based document. Converting files can be easier with versatile tools. With a variety of file conversion websites, we have picked some of the most convenient file converters websites that you can use.


Onlineconverterfree is one of my favorites website that I have been using since 2015 to convert files easily. It’s a free tool and you can convert almost all types of File format.  You need to just upload the file and select the file format and then click on the Convert button. That’s it. within a second your file will be converted. You have to download the file to use it for any purposes.

Free File Convert

With whooping 8300 conversion combinations, who would dislike a tool like free file convert? It can add up to 5 files for immediate conversion. Simply upload the required file and hit upon Convert option to get it ready. Download and obtain the file in the form of ebook, image, presentation or any other format.

Just before you try to convert your files into a different format, we have got a tool that can quickly deliver outstanding files and version outcomes. All you need to do is hit upon go option and get your audio, video, ebook, document or Archives converted on the screen itself. Choose the target to be converted and drop it in the section where it converts. With the help of internet connection and versatile website, you can change the overall format of a file within a blink of an eye.

Convert. Files

Yet another simple option that allows you to input and output file format. Convert file is a versatile tool allows you to transform ebook, presentation, video, audio and Archie into different formats. You can conveniently change the format of the files and get them altered in supported formats.


Filezigzag is an email-based file converting tool incapacitated to transform image, archive file, videos and audios in several formats. You can achieve the converted file and review it before downloading it in your inbox. One of the best online file converter tool avails free service round the clock. You can upload the files on your cloud storage for saving the device memory.


How about having a tool that can quickly convert files from the drive, URL, Dropbox or any other Storage Area? Convertio file altering tool does it all online. Simply add one or more files and click convert option to do the needful. The conversion process takes place on your screen, and you can get the file converted in different formats.


Since we have precisely created a list of best online converter tools, we cannot afford to Skip Zamzar that supports more than 1200 file conversions. It is an impeccable and handy tool which transforms the format of video, document, image, and ebook with few simple options. It has more features than a normal online converting tool. With the help of a paid account, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

There are endless varieties of best online file converter tools over the internet. However, the basic thing that you need to consider is easy manageability and free availability. You can also go to the reviews related to online file converter tools before randomly choosing one to do the needful.


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