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Summer is setting in, and temperatures are rising. In warm-climate countries like India, summer season gets uncomfortable. An air conditioner is an answer to that. But there are a ton of different air conditioners out there.

You don’t want to buy the wrong one and regret later. So, I am here to help you with this.

I have researched and compiled a list of the top 5 air conditioners. The price range of the listed products is Rs.30000-50000.

The list is based on the energy star rating, also known as BEE rating. Most of the products on this list has a 5 Star rating, so you can save your money on electric bill while enjoying comfort.

Best Air Conditioner (AC) In India 2022

Now, let me share with you the list of the best air conditioner in India. In this list, we have shortlisted top 5 best ac in India.

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1. Voltas 185 Cya Split AC:


The first one on the list is Voltas 185Cya. Voltas is India’s largest air conditioner brand.

This product is on top of the list because of two reasons; energy star rating and power consumption.

Its 5 Star power rating lets you save money on your electric bill. It has a power consumption of 1438W, which is surprisingly lower than other air conditioners.

This makes it an even better buy.

The 185Cya is a 1.5-ton air conditioner; it can easily cool small and mid-sized rooms.

It is equipped with Anti-Dust filter, along with an Anti-bacterial filter.

So, you can get rid of polluted air. It also has an Auto-Restart feature, allowing it to start smoothly after power cuts. This is an air conditioner that’s full of features.

So, this is the best ac India in my opinion. But, still, it has some cons as well. That’s why I have an alternative option for you.

2. Voltas 185 EY(R) Executive Type Air Conditioner:


Next on the list is the Voltas 185 EY(R). Voltas 185 EY(R) is a 1.5 Ton capacity split air conditioner.

It can smoothly cool small and mid-sized rooms. It has a 5 Star energy rating. So save your money on your bills.

The 185 EY(R) has Anti-Dust and Anti-Bacterial features with Catechin Filter. The air conditioner consists a Self Diagnosis feature. It has an Anti-Fungal Cleaning feature to give you pure air. It is equipped with turbo mode. Its Auto restart mode ensures easy restarts.

3. Blue Star 5HW18SA1 Split AC:


Blue Star is one of the best brands of air conditioners. The third one on the list is the 5HW18SA1 from Blue Star. The 1.5 Ton air conditioner cools small and mid-sized rooms comfortably. It comes with a 5 Star rating, allowing you to save money on your bill. The air conditioner consumes 1500W of power to operate. It runs on a 230V 50Hz. This is the standard Power supply in India. The product consists an Anti-Bacteria filter. The filter ensures you always breathe purified air.

4. Godrej GSC18FG6BNG Split AC:


Godrej has launched their GSC 18 FG 6 BNG air conditioner that received a 5 Star energy rating. The air conditioner provides an 1.5 Ton capacity. It has a silver ion filter that gives you fresh air. In addition, it is equipped with a Catechin filter. The filter has an anti-oxidant feature, along with the anti-viral property. It provides you deodorized and virus free air. With the Air Swing mode, the air conditioner distributes cool air evenly in the whole room.

The Auto Clean feature cleans all the residual water from the evaporator. The unique feature of this air conditioner is Memory Function feature. The air conditioner remembers the settings before power cuts and resumes when the power is back. Unlike other air conditioners, its remote control has an inbuilt clock. The clock allows you to set the timer in real time. In other air conditioners, it is set in hours. The other features on this air conditioner are: Dry Mode, Stepped Louvers, Auto Mode, Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode and Auto Restart.

5. Samsung Digital Inverter Split AC (AR12HV5NBWK):


The only inverter air conditioner on this list is the Samsung AR12HV5NBWK.

Inverter air conditioners are designed in a different way. They can save electricity up to 30-50%  over a regular air conditioner. It provides a capacity of 1 Ton.

The air conditioner runs on 220-240 Volts power supply. It has an Anti-Bacteria filter.

It ensures free air all the time. The product has an Auto Restart mode as well. With air circulation capacity of 12 Cubic Meter/Min, this air conditioner is a product worth buying.

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So, these are the list of best Air Conditioner in India. If you have any question regarding best Air Conditioner then feel free to ask me via the comment section below.

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