Headphone Buying Guide – How To Choose a Perfect Headphone

Headphone Buying GuideHeadphones and earphones are more than a necessity nowadays.

There is a huge variety available in the market. and hence, it becomes slightly difficult to choose a particular design, quality or brand product.

The canal phones, in-ear headphones, on-ear headphones and over ear headphones are all different in looks and nature.

You have to understand the actual differences between these varieties or else you will never enjoy the music the way you should. Let’s have a quick look at their descriptions –

We have made the best budget earphones and headphone list for you. Here you go, best earphones under 1000 and best headphones under 2000.

How To Choose a Perfect Headphone


Over-Ear: the over-ear headphones have to be worn from your head. The music pieces encircle the ear. In other words, Over-Ear- headphones reach your circumaural ears and typically fit within the entire place. They come up in close and open designs that offer high and sound quality along with excellent comfort. You can choose amongst wired or wireless over-ear headphones that feature Bluetooth connectivity and much more.

On-Ear: when we talk about on-ear headphones, they are quite popular because of being manufactured from a lightweight material. They are nice and portable in nature. On-ear headphones are somewhat similar to over-ear headphones. They deliver better quality bass and come in varying strength.

In-Ear Headphones: They are also known as interaural headphones or simply earphones. You have to insert each year but in the canal of your earpiece in each ear canal so that it perfectly fits there.  There is acute noise isolation and a better quality sound when you use them. They are highly comfortable, but it also depends on the way you have clung with them on your ear canal. They have a look of earphones having foam ear tips. in-ear headphones are available in the shape of a lock.


Earbuds vary slightly from the In-ear headphones. Instead of sitting on the ear canal, they face the ear canal. As a result, you can hear almost all the sounds from the outside world. These headphones provide a minimum noise cancellation, if not zero. They may include a volume control button and a clip to adhere the cord to your clothes.

What to consider while choosing an earphone?

Driver Size:

make sure that you pay close attention to the overall driver size because that affects the sound quality to quite an extent. The size of the diaphragm has a lot to do with the sound quality you will get through the device. You cannot expect a headphone having a tiny driver side to give you excellent quality bass. Obviously, if you want high-quality music to tickle your eardrums, make sure that the diameter is at least 30 – 53 mm range. In normal circumstances, you will find earphones having 8.8 – 12.5 mm diameter for an average quality Sound.


last but not the least, impedance is an important part when you consider buying a good quality music device. Generally, headphones have 25ohm impedance deliver little power to the eardrum. Earphones having little impedance provide weak amplification and poor quality sound. Most of the portable music pieces come up with lower impedance. On the other hand, when you choose high-quality music pieces having 35 – 70ohm range, there would be a different quality music altogether. The highest impedance can range up to 250 ohms. Headphones having improper impedance are susceptible to blow out when used for powerful music play.

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